About me

I’m Silviu and I capture weddings.

But more than anything. I strongly support those who struggle to follow their dreams. And this gave me a boost to build my own dream,a profession that respect my passion and desires. The profession of wedding photographer has always existed, but I have a new perspective on it. A wedding photographer should be a support for the bride and the groom, should be able to tell and document a wedding in a tactful, but artistic and creative way. I would never ask a couple to pose like movie stars, or to repeat the throwing of the bouquet or the ring exchange. I follow the course of the event as a dedicated observer, respecting your big day. I love observing and telling love stories, and it is especially the telling-part that makes me love my job: capturing important and unique real life moments, which will be treasured as priceless memories. I will be present as long as you want me to be, always giving 100%,and I will portray your wedding with the same passion as if it was my own.